7 Guiding Principles of ARK Evangelistic Association

We trust God that the following 7 Principles of ARK Evangelistic Association Inc. (ARK) will cooperate with the Holy Spirit in moving the ministry effectively forward into the future.

These 7 Principles are intended to weave biblically based components, spiritually sound processes and Christ centered activities into the fabric of ARK.

These 7 Principles will be driven by the ministry’s Vision, moved by Great Commission’s Mission, prefaced by biblical Purpose and guided by the Holy Spirit’s goal to glorify God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit.

  1. Prayer - Prayer is and will always be the cornerstone and foundation of the ARK ministry of Evangelism & Discipleship training at ARK.
  2. Promote - A Biblical model of ministry promotion will carry with it a concept held before the accountability and advisory board of ARK.
  3. Plant - Sewing and planting evangelism and discipleship can only be successfully accomplished by faith in Christ and in light of biblical planting (sewing & watering) principles.
  4. Partner - Associational partnerships through collaborative relationships are at the core of building partnerships in the work and development of the ARK ministry.
  5. Plan - All planning in and of the ministry will be determined through the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit confirmed in scripture and council.
  6. Practice - Practical application is a mandate seen in the Ministry of Christ from bottom-up and top-down servant leadership in all areas of ARK.
  7. Preserve - The preservation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Great Commission is based on the whole council of the entire Word of God.
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Our mission is to teach and train born-again believers to present the gospel and to create a desire in them to teach and train others. It is a multiplication process to spread this evangelistic method to reach the spiritually lost. Our method of training is founded, grounded and fashioned from the Holy Scriptures and is others-focused out of a genuine love to see people come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and to receive eternal life.